Private Music Lessons

Private lessons in piano, guitar or flute are offered pending space available. 

Children are capable of music education from birth, however more formal instruction can begin around 5 years mixing work with keeping a steady beat on drums, singing melodies, and moving to music.  With 15 years of experience teaching Kindermusik, Naomi mixes many creative and engaging "off the bench" activities into the private studio time.  

When pondering whether your child is ready for private study on a musical instrument, ask yourselves these questions.

  • Do you and your child understand the amount of dedication needed to learn to play an instrument?
  • Are you ready to make the purchase or rental investment in an instrument to have in your home for practice?
  • Is your child ready to accept the rules, guidelines, and suggestions of the teacher?
  • Will your child be able to respond positively when the teacher asks him/her to play a certain way or hold his/her hand in a certain position?
  • Does your child have the fine motor control as well as the maturity and attention span necessary for daily home practice?
  • Can your child concentrate daily for 15 to 30 minutes on a series of directed tasks?
  • Will your child thrive in a learning environment where it’s just he/she and the teacher, or does he/she learn best in a social, play-like setting?
Valerie Lesser performs her Senior Recital on April 27, 2014

Valerie Lesser performs her Senior Recital on April 27, 2014




In my studio, I focus on teaching the children, not only about music, but also about who they are, how they learn, how they can use mistakes to become better, and how to pace and plan their preparation. 


Practice creates progress.  Progress inspires practice.